Jen Smith Photography

Just do it!

May 14th, 2008 . by Jenni

Today is the day. I have been sitting on this way to long for it not to be the day. After combing through hundreds of photos, doodling in photoshop and ditching everything to start again from scratch, I finally threw in the towel and said this is it. I want to be a photographer, not a web designer (although I do enjoy it), I would much rather be spending my time capturing life’s precious moments and making people smile.

Near the end of school, all I could think about was working on this site, as I had put it off for two years to focus on school. But then in January, I was mentally exhausted and lacked an ounce of creativity. I took it easy and learned how to knit instead. (Thanks Lisa!). So now it’s May and I am rested and ready to get moving. I am super excited start shooting again, meet new people and catch up with old friends. So without further ado, I present my new website. Ta-da! Step one down, onto step two. Hmm, now I need to find people to take pictures of… I guess networking is step two. If you know anyone who would be interested in having a portrait session, send them to my site or have them contact me.

I also want to thank everyone who has helped me, supported me and believed in me along the way. I could not have done all this without you. And now I simply say, “Onward”!